Easy to use everywhere

  • Small, lightweight, and portable so you can test at home, at work, at school, at play – virtually any time and anywhere!
  • Also ideal if you need to identify exactly when and where symptoms start
  1. You can easily perform tests, view trends, manage your medications and set alarms.
  2. Intuitives software with color touchscreen is so easy to use.

Empower you to track progress and trends

  • 1. You can view your lung health progress and trends in a simple graph.
  • 2. Track disease progress and trends over days, weeks and even months.
  • 3. Color-coding lets you know at glance the severity of your condition.
  • 4. View result by date, time, result and severity.
  • 5. Get a more complete picture of your lung health by seeing result over time.
  • 6. You can view disease progression and trends in an easy-to-read table.
  • 7. Spirometry loop gives your doctor a clearer picture of your lung health.

Provides early detection and prevention

  • 1. About 12 million Americans may have COPD but don’t know it. This is because it often produces no symptoms in its earliest stages. Spirometry can help identify COPD early to help reduce the risk of serious lung damage. (Lung Disorders Special Report. Johns Hopkins Health Alerts. – http://www.johnshopkinshealthalerts.com/reports/lung_disorders/3114-1.html. Accessed May 15, 2011)
  • 2. Spiro PD tracks lung function progress and trends to help you anticipate and prevent exacerbations or asthma attacks.
  • 3. Encourages you to take an active role in monitoring your asthma, COPD (including emphysema and chronic bronchitis), cystic fibrosis, and lung transplantation.
  • 4. Helps reduce expensive ER trips or unnecessary office visits.

Coaches you throughout test

  • 1. Audible voice coaches you by providing step-by-step instructions to perform the spirometry test completely and accurately
  • 2. Onscreen written instructions also help guide you
  • 3. The harder and longer you blow, the more indicator Lights you see. The goal is to light all of them, which means your lungs are working their best.

Ergonomically designed to help ensure accuracy

  • 1. Mouthpieces in centered and very easy to blow
  • 2. Two handles provide better control of device and also expand your chest to help you blow stronger and more forecefully.
  • 3. Handles are soft and squeezable to encourage you to blow during test.

Proven accuracy

  • 1. Cleared to market by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for home use.
  • 2. Meets or exceeds American Thoracic Society (ATS) and European Respiratory Society (ERS) standards.
  • 3. Accuracy and repeatability certified by an internationnally recognized independant pulmonary testing laboratory.
  • 4. Delivers consistently accurate results thanks to Swiss-made precision components identical to those in hospital spirometers.

Enhances adherence

  • 1. You can conveniently manage your medications.
  • 2. Your doctor can review your medication history to help prevent any conflicts and negative drug interactions.
  • 3. Software provides a real-time stamp to show your doctor that you’ve been following your therapy.
  • 4. You can log your medications, edit medication schedule, and view history, including medication name, dosage, frequency, and times when you took medicine.
  • 5. Spiro PD alarms, reminding you to test your lung function, take your medecine, or do breathing exercises.

Share data with doctor

Improves communication with your doctor

  • Because Spiro PD is portable, you can bring it to your doctor’s office to review results or download information.
  • Between office visits, patients can send their lung function data to inform their doctor of their lung health and need for any treatment changes.
  • 1. Quickly and easily upload data and reports and share them with your doctor.
  • 2. You can email test results to your doctor, or print and bring them to your next visit.
  • 3. Conveniently choose from a variety of reports.
  • 4. Choose to show over the last 7, 14, or 30 days.

Ideal for medication evaluation

  • 1. Lets you know if your treatment is working, and helps you take only the medicine you need, at the right time, in the right dose.
  • 2. Helps your doctor evaluate your response to new drugs and quickly make any changes, without the need for any unnecessary, repeat office visits.
  • 3. Helps prevent you from taking unnecessary steroid medications.
  • 4. Also ideal to monitor patient’s response to medications during pharmaceutical clinical trials.

Customizable, portable, affordable

  • Portable, handheld, and lightweight (only 9 ounces).
  • Spiro PD is affordably priced. For most people, Spiro PD pays for itself if it prevents just one emergency room visit. For pricing call 1.888.PMD.4YOU (1.888.763.4962).
  • 1. Customize your personal setting and device settings

Vital lung health measures

  • Provides important spirometry measurments.
  • To track your health accurately, a spirometer must provide important measurments. Below are brief descriptions of each. Always talk with your doctor if you have any questions.
  • FVC (Forced Vital Capacity): the amount of air you exhale as forcefully and completely as possible after taking a deep breath. A lower measurment may indicate less lung capacity than a normal, healthy level.
  • FEV1 (Forced Expiratory Volume in 1 second): the amount of air you exhale in the first second after taking a deep breath. A lower measurment may indicate an obstruction of your airway that keeps air from fully leaving your lungs.
  • FEV1/FEC ratio: The ratio of FEV1 to FVC. A lower measurment may indicate an obstruction of your airway that causes you to exhale less air than normal. A higher measurment may indicate a restriction of your lungs, meaning less lung capacity than a normal, healthy level.
  • FEF25-75 (Forced Mid-expiratory Flow): Tha average speed of air flow during the middle part of your breath as you exhale. A lower measurment may indicate a narrowing of your airway.
  • PEF (Peak Expiratory Flow): The maximum speed of air you exhale. A lower measurment may indicate a narrowing of your airway.